3ch flatscreen | invisible microphone

When did you scream for the last time?
To experience this installation, you have to scream.

In Switzerland meetings and public demonstrations are prohibited without an official permission from the state. Public spaces are completely silenced. In the last centuries, even singing and shouting in the streets were forbidden. To laugh or to talk loud, is frowned upon. This situation seeks to isolate the individual in the comfort of passivity. We become functional citizens living in silent neighborhoods, we accepted to delegate our voice, we accepted to be silent, so our possibility of interfering has been usurped, our signals have been domesticated and left to grow the membrane of the submission.

In this work, the audience becomes active part of the installation. The intensity and the dynamics of their shouts affect the intensity of the video projection. The shouts affect the videos presented on three different screens.
The projected images show everyday situations as well as persons suffering to express themselves, these images are destroyed and reinvented by the shouts from the audience.

The installation enables the audience to interact and generate their own acoustic space, as well as interfere and mute the policies induced and forced of silence.

Shouts of the public recorded at Berner GenerationenHaus as a part of Design Festival Bern 05 - 07.05.2017

participative installation at Berner GenerationenHaus as a part of Design Festival Bern 05 - 07.05.2017