stereo generative sound | c30 - qon records

Time has a cyclical "reverse", it flows from inside to outside and returns from outside to inside, in permanent cycles. This piece was created as a 4 channel sound installation, titled “Ñaupaqman Puriy, Qhepaman Chayay”, which means in Quechua “Walk forward and you'll get back”.

The piece consists in the recording of two waveform generators modulated by their own signal, amplified in four loudspeakers and reintroduced through microphones to be used again as modulating sources. It produces a constant feedback in the modulation range that varies according to the movement of the amplified sound in the physical space.

The acoustic alteration of the waveform generators produces an effect of constant evolution, a state of perpetual movement in a timeless space. This process is auto-generated by self modulation and the results are always different.

The stereo version for this release is a live recording performed in Bern [Caja Negra, 06/06/2018].
Composed and recorded by Luis Sanz.
Cover design by Qon.

Ñaupaqman Puriy, Qhepaman Chayay will be released by QON Records in November 2018

Ñaupaqman Puriy, Qhepaman Chayay, installation setup, Bern, Switzerland 2018