Thiula, 2018

Experimental vocal, musique concrete, abstract noise.

Our behavior has been configured, categorized, self-modulated by external production structures. The body is turned off, the instincts automated.
Thiula is reaction, violence against superstructures, uses body and sound as tools to create sensations that generate new sensory spaces and alter our imaginary register.


Berserk | Thiula [Split Cassette, MKUltra Productions MKU-009, Taipei, Taiwan 2019]

台湾Harsh Noiseの若き旗手"Berserk"とスイスHarsh Noise"‪‪Thiula‬‬"のスプリット。

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Thiula, live at Festival der Künste, Bern Switzerland, 22.09.2018

Thiula, live at Sounds Insufferable Volume 1, Loophole Berlin, 16.08.2018