Unhörbares: Invisible Fields, Radiated Bodies, 2020

Electromagnetic Sound Walk
Duration: 90'00''

Collaborative research project by Luz González and Luis Sanz.

Electromagnetic waves are everywhere. They penetrate us and our environment, allowing high-tech everyday life, although we normally cannot perceive them directly. The waves that travel between our mobile phones or are generated by electrical devices are not normally seen or heard.

In the form of visible light and invisible natural radiation, these waves have always been there - without them there would be no life. Since we have been using electricity and, above all, through telecommunications and digitisation, they have increased dramatically. They are a dimension of reality that, like our whole environment, has fundamentally changed and continues to change.

Wire coils, through which an electric current flows, generate an electromagnetic field. When the waves emanating from mobile phones, kitchen appliances or power lines hit this field, they influence it. This change can be translated into sounds.

On the soundwalk we will together track down this invisible reality of electromagnetic waves and make it audible.


16-18.01.2020 | 18h | Invisible Fields, Radiated Bodies | Electromagnetic Sound Walk | Klima Halle | Grosse Halle, Bern Switzerland