2022 -


fake[dac~] is a platform with a focus on algorithmic art, live coding and computer music.

As a platform, it offers algorithmic artists an environment in which they can develop projects and work collaboratively. fake[dac~] supports projects of visual artists, electronic musicians from a technical, conceptual and financial point of view.

fake[dac~] was founded in 2022 by Stephen Monslow (UK) and Luis Sanz (Peru, Switzerland) out of their shared interest and practice in the field of digital art.

Renowned musicians and DJs have been performing at fake[dac~] since 2022: South London Bedroom Orchestra (England), End Measure (England), Picofrom (England), Chris Speed Visuals (England), Michael-Jon Mizra (England), Eecolagbohrsac 2021 (Turkey, England), 777000 (England), Nunez (England), Obscenity State (England), Bad Circulation (England), Digital Selves (England), Hellocatfood (England), Ayebaitari (England), Mosaictapes (England), Heavy Lifting (England), Ruin Theory (England), Jung Latch (England), Tyger Blue (England), Eye Measure (England), Trampbunny (England), Brickwork (England), Hanaphora (England), Collapse (England), Innocent (England), Ayankoko (Laos, England), Luis Sanz (Peru, Switzerland), Liimxa (England), Ler-Ka (England), ODMTt? (England), Basch (Mexico, England), M-onz (England), Elin (England).

"Boasting an immersive installation featuring AI-generated visuals, live-coded music and a deep well of audiovisual talent, fake[dac~] blurs the line between art exhibition and club night."
- Jonni Cobb