Luis Sanz is a multidisciplinary artist who works with synthetic sounds, computer graphics, and physical audiovisual experiences. As an artist, Sanz creates installations that explore the relationships between bodies and spaces, producing acoustic-imaginary dimensions that combine video, spatial sound, light, and field recordings. As a musician, Sanz utilises programming languages to develop rhythmic techniques and algorithmic processes for modulation and pattern generation in digital and analogue devices. His sonic works integrate noise, rhythms, processed field recordings, and extreme computer music. Sanz co-founded fake[dac~], an algorithmic art platform in London, and Amarus, an experimental music network in Bern. Sanz has performed in Southeast Asia, Europe, and parts of Latin America as a solo artist and as part of the electroacoustic noise duo Noijzu. Sanz holds a BA in Art and an MA in Contemporary Art Practice from the Bern University of the Arts in Switzerland.

Independent Artist |
Co-Founder, Curator | fake[dac~] |
Co-Founder, Curator | Amarus |

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